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Safety at work: not a cost, a competitive investment

safety work loson

“A culture of safety supported by technology is at hand, turning a cost into an opportunity. A win-win investment that takes danger out of the workplace and makes businesses more efficient.”. Our CEO, Riccardo Sotgiu, from the QuiFinanza website, launches a challenge to companies: the creation of low-risk environments should not be considered a cost, […]

Innovation, between scarcity and commodity prices. Riccardo Sotgiu on Econopoly (Il Sole 24 Ore)

Il sole 24 ore innovazione riccardo sotgiu

How can innovation be the solution to rising commodity prices? And what economic policy choices must be made to have a more efficient production system? These are the questions answered by our CEO Riccardo Sotgiu in the Econopoly blog of Il Sole 24 Ore. A clear and sharp overview of the opportunities that are opening, […]