3D printing industrial moulds, carbon fibre limited series in competitive time and cost

stampi stampa 3d fibra carbonio loson

The use of 3D printing to create moulds makes the manufacture of carbon fibre products in limited series competitive. A reduction in time and costs that opens up the composites market to customisation and to small and medium-sized companies. An important goal achieved by Loson.

In the industrial process leading to the production of a carbon fibre product there is a phase called tooling. These are moulds, the production of which is demanding. In the case of small series production, this has an impact both on time and, above all, on the final cost.

This is a limitation, an obstacle which in fact prevents many companies from making the switch to composite materials.

Loson, thanks to its research and great experience in customisation, is now able to offer products, made in carbon fibre, even for limited series with competitive times and costs, while maintaining the quality level of large-scale production.

Decades of experience, starting with prototyping and process engineering, have developed tooling through 3D printing, using high-strength thermoplastic materials. The technological result allows a decisive reduction in time and the overall final cost, even in small production runs.

Loson’s commitment and applied research make it the ideal partner for all companies that want more customisation from their products and for all small and medium-sized companies that want to use composites even on a limited number of installations. Switching to this material is a strategic decision, it is competitive innovation: machines made of fibre or with fibre parts consume less and produce more (The evolution of carbon fiber: a digital ecosystem). And they are a leap forward in terms of occupational safety (Collaborative robots, technology and safety at work).

With 3D printing equipment, Loson offers a great opportunity to the Italian production fabric: to accompany companies in general and SMEs in particular in the process of technological innovation (Industry 4.0).