The evolution of carbon fiber: a digital ecosystem

Loson compositi Rescaldina

Loson’s offer, the result of years of experience in aerospace, focuses on the integration of composite materials with microelectronics. A choice that leads to more efficient machines, thanks to greater digitalization and process automation.

Loson‘s products are the result of know-how gained in aerospace and of experience with leading companies in robotics. An experience that has allowed us to focus on innovative productions: from the use of new materials, to the Internet Of Things (IOT).

We have the ability to create a carbon fiber object in which sensors are integrated and capable to actively interacting with the machine software. This is our strength: a system made of carbon fiber, electronics and digital components. We basically build a convergence among sensors, data processing and communication. All in a network of specialized digital devices, designed to be used wherever it is necessary to collect and process information, automate or integrate the operations of different systems.

The sector that most – but not only – benefits from this change is collaborative robotics. The time of heavy, inefficient robots, that are expensive to maintain and move, is over. Now companies must produce more, while spending less, through the use of “smart” composites. Loson proposes several solutions to help companies which are in the process of replacing old machinery.

And for the domestic market, this process becomes essential, even more so in a difficult moment like the current one. Also, because Italian SMEs are great users of robots: at world level we are just behind China and the USA.

Loson is also expanding into other sectors of mechatronics. Many packaging companies are trusting us. Not only that. The railway industry is paying more and more attention to what we produce. The sector is facing both a the digital revolution and the green economy. Two challenges that can be overcome through a digital approach: which means, with new materials that have the same performance in terms of reliability and safety, but are also able to dialogue with electronic equipment and computer programs.