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Innovation, between scarcity and commodity prices. Riccardo Sotgiu on Econopoly (Il Sole 24 Ore)

Il sole 24 ore innovazione riccardo sotgiu

How can innovation be the solution to rising commodity prices? And what economic policy choices must be made to have a more efficient production system? These are the questions answered by our CEO Riccardo Sotgiu in the Econopoly blog of Il Sole 24 Ore. A clear and sharp overview of the opportunities that are opening, […]

Skyrocketing metal and energy prices: investing in composites makes sense today

alluminio compositi fibra carbonio prezzi materie prime

Price rises are affecting all raw materials. Aluminium in particular is hitting record highs. In addition, energy will increase by 40% by the end of the year. The time has come to focus on carbon fibre: reliable delivery times, stable prices and greater energy efficiency. The run-up in raw material prices shows no sign of […]

3D printing industrial moulds, carbon fibre limited series in competitive time and cost

stampi stampa 3d fibra carbonio loson

The use of 3D printing to create moulds makes the manufacture of carbon fibre products in limited series competitive. A reduction in time and costs that opens up the composites market to customisation and to small and medium-sized companies. An important goal achieved by Loson. In the industrial process leading to the production of a […]

Delta RoBox, the packaging revolution from Loson

Delta RoBox Loson packaging fibra carbonio

Light, sustainable, indestructible. Thanks to decades of experience and continuous research, we can offer our customers a unique product, capable of changing the face of production facilities. Lightness. Loson‘s Delta RoBoxTM arms have achieved a great goal: a record low weight, the lightest possible. We estimate 50% less than other similar carbon fibre products. Sustainability. […]

Composites and sensors: Loson products improve plant efficiency

Loson sensori compositi fibra di carbonio

Smart structures, equipped with sensors, are ideal for ensuring efficiency and structural integrity. The solutions offered by Loson guarantee high performance through control techniques that exploit a large amount of information from the structures themselves. For manufacturing companies, mechanical equipment is a problem. This is not a paradox: companies often use obsolete machinery. Not only […]

Loson has collaborated with Comau in the realization of the “Exoskeleton”

Loson Mate Comau

Comau has produced, in carbon fiber, a new exoskeleton. The “Exoskeleton” will be among the first products in the world developed for industrial purposes. It’s called MATE, an acronym for Muscolar Aiding Tech Exoskeleton, an exoskeleton made to make workers’ jobs easier. It has been realized by Comau together with IUVO, a spin-off of the […]

“Industria italiana” tells the carbon fiber experience of Loson

Industria italiana Loson carbon fiber

The origins, the high quality of the production. The growth in the mechanical industry. The article, signed by Laura Magna, offers a picture of the capabilities and future projects of our company. To be read is the article published in “Industria italiana“: “Not only aerospace: Loson’s carbon fiber conquers the mechanical industry“. The magazine, a […]

Loson: sustainability, an opportunity for competitive growth

Loson carbonio sostenibilità

Light materials, to consume less. Strong engineering, to eliminate waste. Convinced about the potential of carbon fiber. Our philosophy demonstrates that care for the environment guarantees a sustainable future and generates economic benefits for the client. Loson‘s commitment to sustainability started a long time ago. In 2015 the company participated, together the Cannon group, to […]