Composites and sensors: Loson products improve plant efficiency

Loson sensori compositi fibra di carbonio

Smart structures, equipped with sensors, are ideal for ensuring efficiency and structural integrity. The solutions offered by Loson guarantee high performance through control techniques that exploit a large amount of information from the structures themselves.

For manufacturing companies, mechanical equipment is a problem. This is not a paradox: companies often use obsolete machinery. Not only that. Even when they invest in technology, focusing on new components and new materials, they make poor choices.

The innovation of a company is the construction of an innovative ecosystem: a production chain that can work and communicate, provide information. This is the path marked out for the so-called Industry 4.0, the only one that leads to improved productivity.

Loson specialises, thanks to decades of experience, in producing the latest generation of composite materials, capable of providing highly efficient production environments. This is made possible through the use of sensors embedded within the composite material.

The study of the process is considered as an integrated tool for the structural and functional design of the composite element to be produced, so it is selected and fine-tuned through numerical simulations and experimental tests, taking into account the specific problems of the process, the final performance of the composite and the associated costs.

This makes it possible to have dedicated production machines that can provide data: in this way the control of operation is in real time. We are in a position to understand how the machines work: malfunctions, possible failures, improvements.

The result is possible thanks to an intuition of ours, we have turned the component into a sensor. By adopting a layered production technique, the carbon fibre is alternated with conductive parts, true electrical components. We have combined the properties of the semiconductor with the composite.

The product that leaves the factory becomes active and capable of interfacing with other components.

Those who rely on our products and services can exploit the potential of the Internet of Things (IOT). Connected technologies that guarantee a decisive competitive leap for the company.