Delta RoBox, the packaging revolution from Loson

Delta RoBox Loson packaging fibra carbonio

Light, sustainable, indestructible. Thanks to decades of experience and continuous research, we can offer our customers a unique product, capable of changing the face of production facilities.

Lightness. Loson‘s Delta RoBoxTM arms have achieved a great goal: a record low weight, the lightest possible. We estimate 50% less than other similar carbon fibre products.

Sustainability. This feature pushes the accelerator towards sustainable production (Ecological transition: Loson ready to accompany companies in the green turnaround). Less weight means less consumption, or increased productivity in an energy-efficient regime. Furthermore, our arms can be used not only on new machines, but also on existing installations.

Our commitment to lightweight products is an ecological way: we produce no waste. We only use the material that is strictly necessary. For Loson, production waste is a reminder of the mechanical engineering industry of the distant past.

Indestructible. Delta RoBoxTM are created to last over time, they are not assembled, we propose a monolithic block. We offer a monolithic block, reducing the possibility of damage or fracture to practically zero.

Experience and research. The Loson Delta RoBoxTM is the result of decades of experience. We know every property of the material. This is complemented by design and simulation skills on the equipment. Products are tested on the machines on which they will be installed.

Ours is a constant engineering evolution. And the Delta RoBoxTM represents our quality: research applied to manufacturing.

Loson is sure that with this product many companies will be able to make a technological leap forward. We bring real innovation to the production lines, improving productivity while consuming less.

Continuous support. Loson’s service is not limited to sales. We carry out studies and simulations to assess the impact and then carry out accurate analyses for constant fine-tuning (Loson, our simulation services to improve plant efficiency).

Packaging. The Delta RoBoxTM is primarily aimed at packaging. A sector with great growth potential, yet facing an unprecedented global challenge. Loson is the ideal partner to accompany each company in its innovation processes, through support capable of guiding investment in strategic sectors and departments. Loson, our simulation services to improve plant efficiency.