“Industria italiana” tells the carbon fiber experience of Loson

Industria italiana Loson carbon fiber

The origins, the high quality of the production. The growth in the mechanical industry. The article, signed by Laura Magna, offers a picture of the capabilities and future projects of our company.

To be read is the article published in “Industria italiana“: “Not only aerospace: Loson’s carbon fiber conquers the mechanical industry“. The magazine, a reference point on issues related to automation and innovation, presents our work through a path, from its origins until today. But it also talks of a present characterized by projects that are rapidly involving lots of other sectors in the mechanical industry.

A group of engineers who have transformed their skills into industry” is the incipit of the piece. An acknowledgement to those who have believed in Loson and its ability to innovate and establish itself on the market. “Goal achieved”, as Riccardo Sotgiu, CEO of the company, says: “… at the beginning we were faced with an unexpected truth: few industrial sectors knew its application (of carbon, editor’s note), at the beginning we received drawings designed for metals and the request to produce the same object in carbon”. While, an important part of the value for the customer consists in rethinking the object, to make the most of the qualities of this incredible material.

The article continues with a description of the production processes, of the different artifacts that can be produced, depending upon the final use. From tennis rackets to collaborative robots, up to the carters of packaging machines.

A journey into our company, passing through fabrics, resins, autoclaves, models and molds. A story that unfolds on two principles: innovation and quality. A combination that creates the traits, as we read in the conclusion, of a “4.0 work“.