Centrifugal fan for transmission oil cooling

First component of its class to be approved by ENAC/EASA; production process patented.

Helicopter mock-up

Manufactured in record times, precious from an esthetical point of view and fit for the quality required in market-specific trade fairs.

Robotic arm for delta box packaging machines

Built with the latest generation technologies, with the intent of having the best weight-to-stiffness ratio in its class.

Mould support for PET bottles’ production, on automatic rotational machines

Allows for a 60% weight reduction and an equal increase in productivity.

Reticular structure for a parabolic antenna (“back-structure”), installed on military ships

Extremely light, allows for fast and more precise maneuverers; is also salt-resistant.

Optical systems support structure for a satellite (the Mercury Polar Orbiter, an interplanetary vessel)

Leads to perfect stability and total alignment of the instrumentation mounted on the satellite (all internal actions determined by thermal differences are voided).

Energy absorber (bumper) for unmanned underground trains

While matching the structural characteristics of older and well-tested technologies, it allows for a significant weight reduction, leading to a much lower energy consumption (of a vehicle that accelerates and brakes continuously).

Winch skirt for America’s Cup vessels

Optimizes aerodynamics, endurance and lightness.

Bowsprit for large, luxury, sailing yachts

Massive reliability, fit to resist challenging dynamics forces, as well as corrosive elements.

Modular stairs, load-bearing, for interior spaces with a very accurate design

Very elegant, installation non-invasive, thought for historical mansions.