Loson has collaborated with Comau in the realization of the “Exoskeleton”

Loson Mate Comau

Comau has produced, in carbon fiber, a new exoskeleton. The “Exoskeleton” will be among the first products in the world developed for industrial purposes.

It’s called MATE, an acronym for Muscolar Aiding Tech Exoskeleton, an exoskeleton made to make workers’ jobs easier. It has been realized by Comau together with IUVO, a spin-off of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa. It will be one of the first artifacts of this kind to be placed on the market.

A marriage between industry and science that sees among the diners also our company. In fact, Loson has had the opportunity to collaborate with Comau to create the carbon structure that supports the exoskeleton. A study and engineering work to allow the perfect fit of the artifact (which rests on the back and shoulders), a low weight and a high resistance to the stresses to which it is subjected.

The work started with field analysis and feedback from workers, and then developed the product in the lab.

According to Gaia Salvadore, product manager of the Robotics area of Comau, (see interview with Andrea Galeazzi), exoskeleton is essentially composed of three parts:

1) the passive mechanical chain that reproduces the freedom gestures of the shoulders,

2) the passive mechanism, placed on the arm, composed by pre-tensioned springs that allows to reduce the physical effort,

3) the structure that interfaces with the back, made of composite material, which supports the entire equipment.