Loson: our certifications, our commitment to innovation and continuous training

Loson certificazioni innovazione

We have created a method that guarantees high standards of reliability and safety. A choice that ensures that the company is best placed to serve its clients.

EN9100, Leonardo Scope of Approval, Leonardo Dpq, Comau and Hitachi. Loson has adopted the most sought-after certifications. Standards and rules, linked by a common thread: relying on a process capable of guaranteeing the highest quality.

Starting with the EN9100 certification, which requires – at all stages of production, starting with the choice of materials – the utmost care and attention. The traceability of every single piece produced must be guaranteed. Safety is essential. We indeed work extensively in the aerospace sector.

Loson has followed the directions provided by the 9100 standard, which today is no longer based on statistical data, as it once was. We go through the external audit annual review, comfortably, because we base our way of doing business on product and process innovation. And we dutifully take care of the training of our employees. Human resources are our strength. At Loson, innovation and continuous training are not slogans. They are the philosophy of our production.

Certification has become our working method. A decision that leads the way we work on all markets, not just aerospace. Guaranteeing safety and quality allows us to work also in other sectors, where attention to the product must remain high. As in the food industry: no mistakes are allowed.

The EN9100 certification has opened the doors to other certifications: Leonardo, Comau, Hitachi. Important companies who trust us because we focus on quality without compromise. And having these certifications doesn’t mean high prices. An efficient and accurate working method is “liquid”. It also adapts to most sectors. The investment on how to produce best, to the contrary, leads us to have the possibility to optimize the final cost to our customers.

This approach, of which certifications are a significant evidence, is an indication of reliability. We want to be competitive, with a solid foundation. We do not have a short-term objective. We have the ambition to create an innovative reality, capable to have a role in the landscape of Italian high-tech companies.