Loson, our simulation services to improve plant efficiency

Many companies don’t have detailed knowledge of the machinery they use. Vibrations and deformations can compromise their efficiency. We can carry out thorough checks to find the best solutions for their use and improve their production capacity.

Companies in the manufacturing sector often lack knowledge of the capabilities and operating details of the machine tools and production equipment they use.

One problem we often deal with is so-called vibrations. They are a source of problems, they are able to affect the quality of the final product and compromise the tool life and the production capacity.

For 10 years Loson has been studying and simulating the operation of machine tools. And it is a starting point to identify, for example, what is the cause of vibration.

So, a control, a complete check-up. Analyses of machine tool behavior include metrological evaluations, simulation representation and subsequent commissioning. As far as measurement is concerned, for example, there is a wide range of systems available for measuring acceleration and displacement. And we are familiar with it.

Is this something you only do on new installations?

Not only that, Loson performs analyses on both new installations and those that have been in use for some time, in order to verify whether there is room for improvement. And our solutions often lead to the choice of installing composite parts, to reduce deformations or malfunctions in general. Sometimes, however, all that is needed is a fine-tuning of the machinery.

On these aspects, Loson provides comprehensive support to companies. From the product, the composite, to consultancy on efficiency tests.

An offer that also makes us a service company. Stamping, welding, bending and processes such as milling are the subject of our simulations. Simulation, which is defined as “discrete event”, necessary to understand how not only a single process or machine behaves, but how a department interacts from the point of view of materials and tools, is also a consolidated reality of our work.

According to ABI Research (a market research firm), in the next few years we will see a surge in companies using simulation software (Manufacturer’s Spend on Simulation Software will Surpass US$2.5 Billion in 2025). The research claims that business owners plan to spend more than two billion a year on simulations by 2025.

A need that Loson is already able to satisfy and offer to Italian SMEs.