Loson: sustainability, an opportunity for competitive growth

Loson carbonio sostenibilità

Light materials, to consume less. Strong engineering, to eliminate waste. Convinced about the potential of carbon fiber. Our philosophy demonstrates that care for the environment guarantees a sustainable future and generates economic benefits for the client.

Loson‘s commitment to sustainability started a long time ago. In 2015 the company participated, together the Cannon group, to a European project, the Life Program, on the recovery of carbon fiber. We were pioneers in an activity, even then, in its early days. At that time, which is the distant past if seen through the lenses of technological development, the composite market was small. It did not have a critical mass capable of creating companies specialized in recycling.

Today, change is visible to all. And that vision, that really works, is helping us to develop processes oriented not only to recovery. We have also worked on another part of sustainability: the use only of the material which is strictly necessary. This can be achieved through a high level of engineering. The key to reducing waste lies in this specific step. Precision and accuracy in production guarantee efficiency. And excellence.

The equation is simple: more efficiency means higher productivity and a reduction in consumption. For the benefit, above all, of the customer. Implementing this in the reality of production, is the result of careful planning, of a deep awareness of one’s own capabilities, of the will to pursue constant improvement and to propose innovative solutions to the market.

It was not easy. Only the strength of ideas and the desire to change have led us to carry on the culture of carbon on these tracks. And outside the specialized markets, such as aerospace. An effort that, we repeat, generates a positive environmental balance in terms of consumption.

The initial obstacle was, and still is today, the apparent higher cost of a fiber construction. But that’s only the “first sight” impression. Which is systematically denied it if the analysis is more precise. The examples that we can illustrate are numerous. Starting with robotics. In this rapidly expanding sector, robotic systems are made of metal and heavy machinery. The energy used is partly destined to move these objects, which can weigh up to one ton. Which implies a high consumption of energy, considering that the same work can be carried out by much lighter structures. Thoughts that also relate to the automotive markets: lighter cars need less fuel. And the growth of electric vehicles, powered by batteries, will make the issue of lightness increasingly crucial.

We like to argue that lightness, and we tell this to our customers, is the greatest guarantee to increase productivity and to consuming less.

This is the carbon revolution, this is the change which Loson has believed in for years. A belief that places us, by experience and by know-how, as a leading company in the market.