Loson, the ability to face change

The economic crisis has pushed companies to face a path of innovation. Thanks to its know-how and the quality of its employees, Loson is ready for change and to bring the “carbon revolution” to the mechanical industry “made in Italy”.

The Italian industrial system has been transformed, at least in part. The emergency has led companies to lower some of the normal resistance to change. Regarding investments, even if selected, technological innovation processes and more. On the other hand, market competitiveness is maintained and expanded through the adoption of new technologies and the renewal of production methods.

The arena of change has among its protagonists composite materials and among them carbon. Materials that are able to guarantee efficiency, energy saving and higher productivity.

A revolution, that of carbon fiber, which is gradually and rapidly conquering new markets (“Industria italiana” tell Loson’s carbon fiber story). For example, over the last few months, orders in the field of collaborative robotics have accelerated dramatically. The same turmoil also involves the packaging and rail transportation industries. In many sectors “where there was steel, there is now fiber”. Of carbon, precisely.

Loson has equipped itself to interpret and to offer ideas and products capable of changing the production system of a mechanical company. A competitive advantage resulting from investments and research. We have used the know-how acquired over years of work in aerospace to enter the mechatronics market and to look for new customers. Diversification has been one of our cornerstones.

The foundations of this path are based on our highly qualified resources (Loson: our certifications, our commitment to innovation and continuous training). We have created the ideal environment to train personnel, hopefully of a high quality.

Our employees have survived the hard months of lockdown: the production lines never stopped. The legal requirements on physical distancing and health protection have also shuffled the cards at Loson. We have rethought the production system, also through a balanced use of smart working. Remote work has allowed us to refine processes and to improve the design phases. We have invested in making our employees more accountable. This choice has allowed us to propose innovative solutions to the market. The result? The ability to be ready to listen to market demands when things will restart.

Loson focuses on the mechatronics for the new millennium. That means moving from the mechanical world to a dimension that leads to an something with an even higher engineering content. From the blue uniform to the white coat.

The SME confidence index in Italy is among the highest among European countries (53.1 against 52.2 in Germany, 49.8 in France and 49.9 in Spain, on data collected by Ihs Markit), an important signal. It indicates the willingness of companies to be ready for the recovery, which in part was already underway. And hopefully will not receive a significant stop from the pandemic spread. Loson has the means to seize this opportunity.