Skyrocketing metal and energy prices: investing in composites makes sense today

alluminio compositi fibra carbonio prezzi materie prime

Price rises are affecting all raw materials. Aluminium in particular is hitting record highs. In addition, energy will increase by 40% by the end of the year. The time has come to focus on carbon fibre: reliable delivery times, stable prices and greater energy efficiency.

The run-up in raw material prices shows no sign of slowing down. The latest blow to companies has come from aluminium, which in recent days has reached its highest value for 10 years, exceeding 2,700 dollars per tonne. The moment does not seem to be fleeting. The investment bank Goldam Sachs has raised its 12-month estimates on the price of aluminium to 3,200 dollars per tonne. Increases are also expected for copper, nickel and zinc.

In addition, the cost of electricity is expected to rise by 40% by the end of the year. The causes of this upward shock are the price of gas, which continues to rise internationally (it contributes 40% of Italian electricity production) and the jump in the cost of CO2 produced (the permits to emit carbon dioxide, which companies trade through the European Emission Trading System).

For the mechanical engineering industry and the entire manufacturing sector, this is worrying news, potentially slowing down the current recovery.

The time has come to resolve difficulties and turn them into opportunities. Composite is the best choice, able to guarantee companies efficiency (lower energy consumption), higher productivity and stable prices and supplies.

Until recently, the switch from aluminium to carbon fibre was held back by the cost difference. Now the gap has narrowed. Not only that. The entire composite production chain is located in Italy or Europe.

Now more than ever it is worthwhile to innovate and focus on new materials for three reasons:
1) certainty of supply and stable prices;
2) greater productivity and better plant efficiency, and therefore lower energy consumption;
3) availability of public funding: Punto impresa digitale – Industria 4.0.

In this epochal process of change, Loson is at the forefront in accompanying companies in their innovative paths. We have years of experience and qualified knowledge with leading companies to support the replacement of aluminium in the nerve centres of plants.

Rethinking an industrial plant in fact requires the ability to analyse how and where to intervene, the initiation of accurate simulations and, finally, the production of the composite product, with high levels of engineering.

These capabilities are the cornerstones of Loson. We have invested in innovation, qualified human resources and efficient materials. Ours is a gamble that is now the winning choice for every company that does not want to miss the recovery train.