We aim at the stars, but keep our feet on the ground

The company was founded in 2005 in the Aerospace sector, an area where reliability and safety are the key criteria of design. Over time the habit of developing mission critical and safety crtical components and systems has become a guarantee of quality for our customers in other industries as well.

We ask ourselves your questions and find the answers

We have a long tradition of developing innovative thinking. We take on customers’ challenging projects and offer innovative and reliable solutions.. We solve theentire process – from design to material selection, tooling to production, testing to qualification – approaching it with a spirit of engineering curiosity in order to improve performance and efficiency..

We accelerate your innovation

Through our multidisciplinary approach, we move successful technological, constructional and design solutions from one industry to another. We combine our innovation capability, which comes from R&D, with engineering to improve products and processes.



We give strength to lightness

We are specialists in overcoming structural challenges with advanced technologies and superlight and strong materials for aerospace and satellite optronic instrument mounts.



We aim to connect

We are leaders in broadcast aerials and mounts for optronic targeting systems. We combine expertise in materials with expertise in electronics to create high-performance products.



We put wings on trains

With our considerable experience in the field of electric mobility, we are specialized in supporting the rail industry in its transition to lightweight and construction models borrowed from aeronautics.



We implement the 4.0 transition

We increase productivity by integrating composite components and optimizing plant design. We create sensorized products to generate data and increase safety.

Loson’s pluses

Multidisciplinary experience that brings diverse technological, manufacturing and design expertise.

Aerospace orientation that leads to approaching each project with a strong focus on reliability, efficiency, and safety.

Analytical and innovative thinking skills applied to each project.

Team spirit in developing improved solutions.

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