We value your complexity

Loson works alongside its clients to address complex challenges with simplicity
we design reliable solutions that increase efficiency;
we optimize manufacturing processes to reduce time and costs;
we manufacture components and products and integrate them into systems;
we manage complex supply chains as general contractors;
we create value by enhancing performance and reliability, reducing production and operating costs, and increasing safety.

We put the sustainability of your projects forefront

We love composite materials, because light weight means sustainability and allows us to focus on overall system effectiveness. Constant R&D has allowed us to experiment with production processes and gain knowledge about many materials and technologies. A cultural heritage that, thanks to our systems approach, enables us to quickly identify and produce innovative, effective and efficient solutions.

We support you from design to product

Since 2005 we have been developing multiple engineering skills that oversee the entire value chain: design; engineering; prototyping; large and small series production. We complement your expertise with a flexible consultative and operational approach that can be applied to the entire supply chain, performing complete outsourcing or, for specific activities, using specialization to solve targeted needs.

We give you assurance of outcome

Aerospace experience leads us to always put quality, reliability, safety, punctuality, and precision first. We transfer the same care into the design and implementation of every type of product, and in every area to offer certainty of outcome.


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We design simplicity

We solve complexity by designing simple solutions that increase functionality, efficiency, and reliability.

It is not easy to design simple solutions. 

Products & Systems

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We produce results

We use our expertise to continuously improve all functional, production, and operational aspects of complex components, products, and systems.


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We shape ideas

We design tooling to optimize the manufacturing process. From the smallest component to the fuselage of the 787, we guarantee quality over time.

Loson’s pluses

Ability to integrate different engineering skills.

In-depth knowledge of a multitude of materials, technologies, and processes.

Oversight of the entire value chain, from design to mass production.

Aerospace-grade design and manufacturing reliability and quality.

Effective and efficient solution orientation.

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