We have a hi-tech vocation

Our tradition of Research & Development, built up over almost twenty years of activity, places us at the cutting-edge of innovation on design and optimized technologies for production. This research, which is developed with some of Italy’s leading centers, is implemented in the projects we develop with our customers and guarantees proven and reliable hi-tech solutions in the production of surfaces, supporting structures and interfaces.

We engineer the material

We are a leader in multiphysics systems that integrate composite structure and electronic circuits. We provide customers with a unique and diverse portfolio of knowledge ready for use 

We are specialists in the design and production of structural and nonstructural composite technologies and systems (tubular, sandwich, and microsandwich); robotic machining; mechanical andMECHATRONICS solutions (component sensing, shielding), (integrating composites and electronicsto create capacitive systems; integration of thermoplasticsin 3D printing (cores and interfaces); and design and fabrication of multi-material tooling. We are also at the cutting-edge of sustainability: first to develop technology for using in-press recycled carbon and pioneering the use of flax fibers.

We are also at the cutting-edge of sustainability: first to develop technology for using in-press recycled carbon and pioneering the use of flax fibers.

We approach projects as a puzzle of technologies to be solved by selecting the most suitable ones to meet the need in a practical, reliable and efficient way for large-scale production.


Constant R&D, including in advanced physics, has made us a leader in lightweight and superlight structures:
Sandwich and microsandwich structures, at low and high pressure, with cores of different materials. Aerospace technologies used for aeronautical or railway paneling and aeronautical or space structural elements;
– 3D printed thermoplastic material cores or with robotic processing of foams and honeycombs Use in structural or specific applications (e.g., sound or moisture insulation);
carbon fiber innervated systems, developed for space applications but used in other areas.


Thanks to our long experience in the marine industry, we have developed unique market expertise in the design and manufacture of high-strength tubular monocoque:
load-bearing structures with composite tubulars, even of very complex shapes. Nautical and aerospace-derived technology is also used in civil plants and structures;
innervated tubular structures, for applications where high precision, low inertia, high stiffness, and light weight are required. We have made carbon fiber rails for applications in plants with extremely fast movements, such as laser cutting machines or electromedical imaging machines.


We optimize connections between components by designing and manufacturing interface chains to particularly complex specifications:
mechanical couplings, even of great complexity, used in aerospace and railway applications to safeguard sandwiches from excessive pressure or with integrated anti-rotation devices;
advanced bonding, with strong specialization in surface preparation. We bring aerospace experience and certification to all areas;
3D printing inserts, including conductive ones, to make strong and lightweight components;
anti-fretting treatments, laminating fiberglass, and metal, in which we are leaders in Italy.


Our unique experience in composites, optics and electronics makes us a leader in mechatronics; we create sensor products for military and civilian applications, especially in collaborative robotics:
– we apply expertise in circuits to integrate electronics into composite components, providing capacitive properties that can be used to measure critical parameters or increase safety;
– we develop intelligent cores and interfaces, engineered for strength, but with conductive properties;
– we create insulating, conductive, or electromagnetically shielded components for aerospace, Defense, and civil applications.

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Experience in engineering takes shape in the design of tooling conceived to optimize production.

We are specialists in thinking about the tooling chain, both direct and indirect: from component lamination – which also considers any scrap for subsequent operations – to machining and assembly. This makes it possible to use simpler tooling and reduce production time, optimizing costs.

We make tooling of all types and sizes, from the spindle for the Boeing 787 fuselage, a true production system with dynamic electromechanical elements for ultra-high-value mass production, to modular tooling suitable for large series, to 3D printing tooling.

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We are pioneers in the development of sustainable components and the evolution of materials and manufacturing technologies aimed at reducing environmental impact:
– we were the first to develop technology for in-press recycled carbon, introducing robotic machining and applying it to large-scale production for various sectors, such as Defense;
– we introduced flax fiber composites, with the properties of vibration absorption, electrical and thermal insulation, and corrosion resistance, for the manufacture of lightweight, nonstructural components for the automotive industry.

Loson’s pluses

Continuous R&D activity.

In-depth and diverse skills in technologies, materials and production processes.

Quick application of innovation to tested and reliable construction and operational solutions.

Solid development partnerships with customers.

Unique expertise in mechatronics.

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