We enable automation 4.0

We take learning from the most advanced world for composite design and use, combine it with unique expertise in electronics, and add innovation created through R&D, thus creating unique products. This is the origin of our collaboration with leading companiesin industrial automation, which is increasingly directed toward lightweight, reliable, and above all, sensorized components.

We increase productivity and safety

The drive to increase machine productivity often coincides with the need to make moving components lighter without sacrificing reliability and strength. At the same time, safety requirements must strike the right balance with performance. Composite meets these requirements perfectly, thanks in part to conductivity properties that allow critical components to be sensitive to the proximity of people.. For more than a decade, we have been designing industrial machines around composite components to take full advantage of their characteristics, optimize performance, reduce operating costs, and increase safety.

Value Stories

We are at the the cutting-edge of designing and manufacturing sophisticated sensorized composite components and products; we are specialist in making critical carbon fiber components and re-engineering industrial plants around them. Our know-how makes the coexistence of man and machine natural and safe. Learn more about the stories of our projects in these Case Histories.

Loson’s pluses

Experience in designing and optimizing plants with composite components.

Combination of expertise in materials, technologies, and electronics to produce components with integrated sensors.

Aeronautical approach to producing reliable and safe components.

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