We produce full-cycle results

We have a lot of experience in manufacturing components and integrating them into complex products and systems.. That is why we look at the full cycle to to optimize the tooling and manufacturing process, and we engage with our customers to achieve more reliable and less costly systems.. We apply our expertise to the continuous improvement of all functional, production and operational aspects.

We do not make products but develop a results-oriented design and production approach.

We offer extensive and flexible production capacity

We manufacture in our factory in Rescaldina (MI) or operate as a General Contractor supplying complete systems. The continuously expanding production capacity and a wide and proven chain of suppliers allows us to meet production needs differentiated by volume, processing, and type of materials.. We operate as an integrator, designing, assembling, and verifying complex systems.

Value Stories

We create value with engineering by optimizing the production and operation of machines and systems in various industries: from industrial automation to aerospace, automotive, defense, railway, and mechatronics. Learn more about the stories of our projects in these Case Histories.

Loson’s pluses

In-house manufacturing, general contractor, systems integrator.

Optimization of production aspects and cost reduction.

Flexible production capacity even for large series.

Quality certifications.

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