We are at the core of electric mobility

We have been pioneering the evolution of electric mobility since its first stages in the automotive industry. The ability to make lightweight and robust structures, the result of aerospace experience,has proved very valuable to manufacturers. The ability to process both carbon fibers and fiberglass, as well as to create components with electromagnetic shielding, is now increasingly sought after for handling conductivity inside any type of electric vehicle.

We put wings on trains

Trains need to become lighter to be more sustainable, reduce power consumption and increase payload. In this evolution, we transfer aviation technology to the railway world to decrease weight, improve shock absorption, make maintenance easier and increase safety. This is how we have contributed to the construction of the most innovative trains, such as those on Milan’s M4 or the first hybrid train.

Value Stories

We have been a Hitachi’s design and manufacturing partner for more than a decade, and our components can be found in some of the most technologically advanced trains. Our knowledge of railway specifications enables us to quickly produce products that are fully compliant with regulations. Learn more about the stories of our projects in these Case Histories.

Loson’s pluses

Aerospace-derived technological and process expertise.

Knowledge of railway specifications.

Safety critical approach.

Expertise in materials technology for handling electrical loads.

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