We shape ideas

From the smallest mold to the spindle for the Boeing 787 fuselage, making a composite part begins for us with designing its tooling to optimize the manufacturing process: it is not enough to achieve the excellent quality of the final product, but it must be maintained over time and reduce production time and costs.

A vision based on engineering experience that generates an integrated approach to manufacturing.

We optimize the production process

We are specialists in designing the tooling chain,direct and indirect: from component lamination – which also considers any scrap for subsequent operations – to machining and assembly. This makes it possible to use simpler tooling and reduce production time, optimizing costs.

We make of all types, materials and sizes:from the most complex, such as the Boeing 787 fuselage spindle – a real production system with dynamic electromechanical elements for very high value mass production – to modular tooling suitable for large series, and even 3D printing.

Value Stories

We create value with engineering by optimizing the production and operation of machines and systems in various industries: from industrial automation to aerospace, automotive, defense, railway, and mechatronics. Learn more about the stories of our projects in these Case Histories.

Loson’s pluses

More than a decade of experience in tooling design.

Engineering to improve manufacturing quality and production process.

Design and manufacturing capability, from small molds to large tooling.

Production in different types of materials: steel, wood, composite, special alloys.

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