We make matter smart

We offer the market a unique mix of skills that includes experience in composite materials, electronics, and integrated circuits.. We empower composite to become sensitive in order to create unique components that collect data or interact with operators to enhance safety.

We turn components into sensors

We integrate electronic circuits into composite skins, taking advantage of their conductive or insulating properties to create systems that can interact with their surroundings.. By turning into sensors placed within the manufacturing process – just where it’s hardest to get to and measure what’s going on – our mechatronics components can measure aerodynamic pressure, tension of laminates on rollers, recognize distances, and collect many kinds of data.

Value Stories

We are at the the cutting-edge of mechatronic components design and manufacturing. Our know-how makes the coexistence of man and machine natural and safe, and enables obtaining data from inside production machinery. Learn more about the stories of our projects in these Case Histories.

Loson’s pluses

Experience in designing and optimizing plants with composite components.

Combination of expertise in materials, technologies, and electronics to produce components with integrated sensors.

Aeronautical approach to producing reliable and safe components.

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