We connect defense

We are specialists in the design and manufacture of high-precision and complex components such as fixed or tactical (detachable) broadcast antennas and mounts for optronic systems, combining engineering experience with knowledge of composite and thermoplastic materials, electromagnetic shielding, and 3D printing.

We take precision to the extreme

Engineering expertise allows us to conceptualize the entire process:: design design for functional and production efficiency, careful design for expansion and shielding needs, assembly tooling designed to optimize commissioning, ultra-high precision machining coordinated with the component, careful management of tolerance chains to optimize costs, use of innovative materials and processes such as recycled carbon fiber in the press or integration of thermoplastics within the composite to give strength and lightness.

The complex components we make are always simple, never ordinary.

Value Stories

All Defense projects express our many skills and continuous experimentation in every field. Our clients have entrusted us with the construction of large naval aerials and portable and dismountable tactical aerials, of supports and fairings for FLIR and optronic targeting systems, radomes of anti-mine georadars, and shielded boxes for housing Eurofighter circuits. Learn more about the stories of our projects in these Case Histories.

Loson’s pluses

High degree of design ability and use of innovation.

Experience in tooling and organizing efficient assembly lines.

Outstanding expertise in materials and their combination.

Proven expertise in high-precision machining.

Ability to transfer technology and experience from other industries and Research.

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