The lightness of aeronautics

The large companies we partner with offer us big technological challenges, which we solve through our profound knowledge of materials and technologies, and engineering capabilities.

For Leonardo, we applied our expertise in ultra-low density sandwiches  to produce ultra-high transparency radomes for the Gabbiano and Tucano radars, the lightest pod on the market for the AW 129, and to reduce the weight of theunderbelly tank for the AW189 by 80%;thanks to our expertise in carbon fiber monocoques, we designed the arm for the SAR winch, combined with titanium elements, and extremely light and strong footsteps; knowledge about adhesives and gluing processes enabled us to overcome critical issues that had arisen on polycarbonate and Kevlar helicopter windshields and to pass impact tests.

For Boeing, we solved the complexity of the 787 fuselage lamination spindle by applying materials expertise  and made an Invar structure that is fully implosable and can withstand high curing temperatures without deforming.

We measure Space

Our specialization in lightweight and stable structures for measurement systems has led us to become a leader in this field in the aerospace and Defense industry.. Our mounts for optical payloads such as cameras, star tracking systems or laser pointers are installed on spacecraft such as the BepiColombo Mission to Mercury, the Platinum program satellites, and the NAOS satellite produced by OHB Italia.

Designing components for extreme environments has allowed us to develop great experience in analyzing thermal expansion of materials and couplings.

Value Stories

Abbiamo molta esperienza nella realizzazione di prodotti di punta dei settori aeronautico e spaziale. Apportiamo valore ai principali costruttori progettando e realizzando componenti strutturali e non strutturali per elicotteri, attrezzaggi anche di grandi dimensioni, simulatori di volo, droni, strutture per satelliti e veicoli spaziali. Scopri come in queste Case History.

Loson’s pluses

Great design and problem-solving skills.

High expertise on materials, manufacturing technologies, material couplings.

Accustomed to working on critical components to produce reliable and high-quality products.

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