Modular aerial for transmissions




Loson was commissioned to design a transmission aerial for tactical use. The device must ensure high precision of signal focusing; it must be transportable even by infantry soldiers and therefore lightweight; and it must be quickly assembled and disassembled.

The design of the aerial presents us with several challenges: while lightweight it must be robust to withstand tactical use, and rigid enough to always focus the signal properly; it must not warp in the wind in order not to lower signal precision; and it must be decomposable into simpler pieces that can be easily stored and transported. In addition, it must be able to be produced on a large scale and remain within a very narrow cost range.

Loson approached this issue in an innovative way. The aerial was designed as a modular system, with one segment repeating 6 times to form the dish. This greatly simplified production, as only one piece had to be mass-produced.

The shape, reminiscent of a petal, was designed to provide maximum rigidity to the single piece and the entire aerial through a system of ribs and drains, which also allowed for light weight. In addition, the shape makes it easy to assemble and disassemble through a system of grooves and slots.

A carbon composite was chosen to meet weight requirements. To stay within cost limits, Loson for the first time studied and engineered the use of recycled press-molded carbon fiber.. In addition to studying the physical and mechanical properties of the material to verify its suitability, a robotic liquid laydown system was developed for resin dispensing.

The combination of careful design and R&D on materials and production processes resulted in an innovative, highly reliable and cost-competitive product.