Italian Army

Designing the shell of an optical assembly (NOX) for a portable targeting system.

The shell must be light to ensure easy field use and transportability, but also solid enough to prevent vibration to the optronic system. It must also provide electromagnetic isolation and be watertight to protect the optical unit from moisture and to maintain the nitrogen atmosphere in which it is immersed.

In making this seemingly simple component, Loson integrated multi-specialty skills, starting with those developed in the coupling of carbon composites and thermoplastic materials, made by 3D printing, to achieve the lightest component on the market. Despite the complex shape, the entire component is a one-piece tubular monocoque [link a TECHNOLOGIES, àncora TUBULAR] and ensures it is watertight.

Thanks to our background in electronics, electromagnetic shielding solutions were developed, including arrangements that made the 3D printed elements conductive.

The experience developed in optics, optronics, and transmission systems for the Space and Defense industries has enabled us to develop a shell that does not produce or amplify vibrations and provides the accuracy required for a targeting system.