Optimizing active car set-up for performance.

Loson’s experience in the automotive industry and in the development of sensorized layers for integration in composite materials has led us to design a precision measurement system which allows to gauge distance from a surface. Applied to Formula 1 or other sports cars, this system can feed real time data to effectively control active set-up systems and optimize performance.

Designed for use in Formula or sports racing cars and applying our patented ICS – Interactive Composite Sensors ™technology, ICS Active Racing ™ wing is an aileron which can precisely measure the distance from the ground and feed data to the car control system, thus allowing a more precise monitoring. Production can be set to match each team’s technical specification, or we can assist in integrating our product directly at the team’s production facility.

ICS Active Racing technology can be applied to different car areas, from spoilers to undercarriage, to attain the same objectives.

ICS Active Racing is a smart plug-and-play measurement system complete with circuits, control electronics and software to display measured KPIs and to integrate outputs with other industrial systems.