We make composites smart.

ICS – Interactive Composite Sensors™ is our patented line of sensors, tested for integration in composites skins, which can be applied to a wide spectrum of products and industries: from defense to industrial automation, from aerospace to automotive.

Our unique mix of skills in composite materials, electronics, and integrated circuits has led us to develop a complete system of modular circuits, electronics and software which empower composites to become sensitive. Taking advantage of the conductive or insulating properties of composites, the addition of an ICS layer creates active systems that can interact with their surroundings, efficiently and effectively turning components into sensors, placed within the manufacturing process, that collect data or interact with operators to enhance safety.

Our complete line of ICS products includes:
sensors: specialized circuitry to measure physical properties like thickness, position, tension, distance, proximity, contamination,
signal conditioning and amplifier: single and multiple channel (up to 20) electronics to be connected with circuitry,
contactless power and data transmission: no battery system to ensure easy maintenance and wireless connection,
software: dedicated applications for data collection and display and APIs for integration with industrial automation programs,
measuring systems: custom designed circuits assembling a set of different sensors according to the KPIs to be measured (pressure, tension, proximity, distance, etc.) and the shape of the component, ready to be embedded as an additional layer, including electronics, power and data transmission and software.

All ICS products are tested to withstand curing pressures and temperatures, making them ideal to be included in any industrial process.

ICS line of products greatly simplifies sensorization of composites systems because they are born for easy integration within composite layers, thus becoming an isolated system. This ensures protection from ruptures, corrosion, humidity, contamination and ease of connection, even with rotating elements, granting superior advantages over other systems like optical fibers. Moreover, ICS systems are natively multisensors on the same layer or can easily be designed as multilayer systems.

ICS is also at the heart of a line of smart sensorized products designed for use in packaging, automotive or aerospace industries.