Delta arm for packaging machine




Delta Robots are packaging machines characterised by mechanical arms that perform very rapid reciprocating movements. The lightness of the arm is essential to reduce inertia, increase operating speed and reduce consumption.

Make a vibration-resistant, robust and reliable component. In addition, it must be lightweight to ensure greater efficiency and significant energy savings.

For the same weight, it is possible to make larger arms than metal. This offers the possibility of standardising the design, making machines of different sizes with the same structural components or motors, lowering production costs.
Loson’s Delta RoBox booms have achieved a great goal: a record weight, the lightest possible. We estimate a 50% reduction compared to similar carbon fibre products. This feature pushes the accelerator towards sustainable production. Less weight means consuming less, or increasing productivity in an energy-efficient regime. Furthermore, our arms can be used not only on new machines, but also on existing systems.
Our commitment to lightweight products is an ecological path: we produce no waste. We only use the strictly necessary material. Production waste, for Loson, is a reminder of the mechanical engineering industry of the distant past.