Increasing safety in Cobot interaction.

Loson’s experience in the industrial automation industry,from packaging machines to robots, and in the development of sensorized layers for integration in composite materials resulted in the development of ICS Smart Skin™, a product, based on our patented ICS – Integrated Composite Sensors ™ technology, which is used to realize collaborative robots in the automotive industry..
The sensorization of the outer skin makes the Cobot able to control its surroundings as it moves around and adds inherent safety as it can stop the movement should an operator get too close. Also, it can resume movement once the safety distance is re-established.
Besides Cobots, ICS Smart Skin can be applied in every environment where proximity is paramount: to control or activate machines or to increase safety.
First introduced on Comau Aura cobot, ICS Smart Skin is a is a custom made product,built on the Cobot and environment specifications, complete with circuits, control electronics and software to display measured KPIs and to integrate outputs with other industrial systems. Loson can engineer and produce to measure any ICS Smart Skin system to adapt it to the client’s product.