In-process measurement for the packaging industry.

Loson’s experience in the development of sensorized layers for integration in composite materials has converged in a capacitive roller, built as a multilayer of composite material interspersed with electrical circuits that serve different purposes.

Designed for use in packaging machines and adopting our patented ICS – Interactive Composite Sensor ™ technology, ICS Active Roller is a sophisticated sensor that not only effectively performs its basic task, but can also measure and send a great deal of information about the state of the manufacturing process,such as pressure, tension, and temperature.

By exploiting electrical properties, ICS Active Roller also increases the inherent safety of the machine as it can detect dangerous proximity of operators or deviations in operating parameters, sending appropriate alerts to the control system.

ICS Active Roller is a smart plug-and-play measurement system complete with circuits, control electronics and software to display measured KPIs and to integrate outputs with other industrial systems.