Turnkey simulators to maintain excellence.

Engineered, produced and installed by Loson, ACTS™ is a line of helicopter and airplane mission simulators born to comply with Leonardo requirements and allow military and civilian operators to train in a realistic environment, also assisted by augmented reality.

Loson’s advanced engineering skills, manufacturing capabilities and ability to integrate components of systems, allow clients to solve process complexity and produce reliable and efficient products.

We create value through design, redesign and engineering, by defining the most efficient production process and machinery and by acting as general contractor to ensure quality, swiftness and cost control along the whole value chain. Loson takes care not only of production, but also testing, installation all over the world and post sale assistance. Some of our products are currently being installed in USAF bases in the United States by our teams.

ACTS are custom made products, realized through a close cooperation with our clients to create complex systems integrating different technologies and materials. Our current line of products includes a training simulator for SAR operators and crews, and mission simulators for MH139, AW139, AW169 and ATR72 pilots, crews and weapon systems operators.