A realistic training system for SAR operators.

ACTS Interactive Simulator for SAR Operators™ has been realized to meet Leonardo’s requirements for a realistic training system for SAR operators and crews to simulate winch recoveries, using augmented reality, inside a realistic cabin.

The simulator is a complex system integrating steel and composites structural elements, with electronics (sensors), moving parts and augmented reality. While the simulation software was realized by Leonardo, Loson performed design, engineering and production of the system and the integration of all electronics to create a turnkey product which is currently installed in Sesto Calende at the winch school operated by Leonardo. Loson took also care of installation, testing and maintains post sale assistance.

ACTS Interactive Simulator for SAR Operators presents in a very realistic and effective way all scenarios in which operators will operate when using the recovery winch. Combining augmented reality with a real helicopter cabin, operators can train on all types of environment and in all weather conditions in both normal and critical situations, including emergency procedures that cannot always be rehearsed live. The cabin is used to simulate all movements of cabin operators, safety checks to verify the correct functionality of the winch and its lifting cable, as well as the entry/exit procedures from the cabin of the search and rescue personnel with the recovered patient.
ACTS Interactive Simulator for SAR Operators™ reduces training costs by drastically limiting the need for real flight hours.
The solution required very close collaboration and integration with Leonardo to select and integrate all sensors to provide the inputs for augmented reality, detecting the operator’s movements and actions, and fine-tune the system.