Ice detection and flow measurement.

Loson’sexperience in the aerospace industry, from drones to satellites, and in the development of sensorized layers for integration in composite materials has resulted in ICS Smart Wing™an innovative prototype, based on our patented ICS – Interactive Composite Sensors™ technology, which can be applied to the leading edge of wings (in this case a drone) to actively measure ice formation, thickness and position..

Currently under extensive testing, this R&D program aims at being integrated into next generation airframes, both military and civilian. he system can distinguish between ice and water and measure ice thickness. By being embedded in the composites structure, can be distributed along the entire leading edge, does not have aerodynamic impact and can feed data to the airplane control and safety system.

ICS Smart Wing is a smart plug-and-play measurement system complete with circuits, control electronics and software to display measured KPIs and to integrate outputs with other industrial systems.