Managing electricity and electromagnetism.

ESCS™ is our line of conductive or insulating composites products studied for managing low and mid voltage electricity and electromagnetism.
This technology is current being applied to different industries as defense, aerospace or railway.

Capitalizing on Loson’s extensive experience in electronics and composites, ESCS™ combines the inherent insulating or conductive properties of different composites materials with building technologies like sandwich, microsandwich or tubular structures, which ensure lightness and robustness, and embedded electric circuits to provide conductiveness or shielding.
ESCS™ technology has been applied on products requiring performances both in low voltage, like electromagnetic shielding or insulation from eddy currents and in mid voltage, especially in the railway industry.

ESCS™ products can be found in advanced systems like Eurofighter, Hitachi Hybrid Train or Milan’s M4 subway trains or are used by INFN (Italy’s National Institute of Nuclear Physics) or the Italian Army.
ESCS™ is a line of custom made products, designed, engineered and manufactured by Loson to meet client’s requirements and industry standards and a range of competences and capabilities thought to improve performances and cost effectiveness to rapidly deploy solutions and systems.