3D Composite is a highly sophisticated composite structure for optical measurement, designed to support Optical Instruments for monitoring all details on planets surface. Besides requiring high precision optics, the bench supporting it must respond to the strictest standards of precision machining and stiffness, without being influenced by thermic expansion. Also, since it must be carried into space, must be as light as possible.

Applying its deep knowledge in sandwich and ultralight technologies, Loson built the lightest support ever made, to be used in the BepiColombo mission.

Its unique tridimensional sandwich structure makes it a solid monolith, able to better withstand thermic and acceleration stresses and eliminating all possible movements and deformations created at interfaces.

Another unique feature is the process used in realizing the components’ interfaces. To reach the lowest possible tolerance, close to zero, the flange used for coupling the Star Tracker to the bench is copied, through a proprietary process, on the supporting structure. With this approach it is possible to minimize interface tolerances, almost eliminating production errors.